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 Guaranteed Pricing from Gallo Moving & Storage - You Won't Pay a Penny More Than What We Quote

 Guaranteed Pricing

We begin our quoting process with an in depth assessment of each customer’s unique needs.  A member of our Residential Services Team will visit with you to understand all your needs. They will survey the job including the site to make sure when it comes time to for your move there will be no surprises. The moving team will fully understand what needs to be done and will have the right equipment to insure a smooth, stress free move. 

With our extensive training and years of industry experience we know when we provide you a quote it will be comprehensive and complete.   Because of this we confidently offer our Pricing Guarantee. If your move comes in over the quote price you only pay the quoted price. And if your move comes in under our quote then you pay the lower amount. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Guaranteed Pricing and to get a quote for your move.
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