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  • 5 Critical Holiday Home Safety Tips

    The holidays are just around the corner, which means family, friends, festivities, and lots of good things to eat.  Unfortunately, it can also mean a variety of new safety risks for your home. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fires caused by holiday decorations result in $11 million in annual property damages.  Don’t worry, …

  • Smart Ways to Use 8 Common Packing Materials

    If you’re planning a move, you’ll need the right packing materials to ensure your belongings are adequately protected.  Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and padding material are all essential for a safe and successful move. Each has a specific purpose and should be used accordingly. This blog will show you how to use these packing supplies …

  • Tips for Moving South

    If you’re considering moving south, you should know a few things first. From the climate to the lifestyle, there are a few key differences that can take some getting used to. Here’s a quick guide from Gallo Moving & Storage to help you make the move smoothly. The climate is warmer, and the winters are …

  • Gallo Answers Your Top Moving Questions

    How far in advance should you start planning? What can you do to make your move manageable? When should you hire a moving company? How do you make the most of the services offered? Our customers ask us questions like these all the time, and for a good reason: there are many moving parts involved …

  • Elderly couple sitting on couch packing box for move.

    Gallo Is A Senior Living Mover

    Each year, thousands of seniors move. According to one data study, the number of retirees who moved in 2020 increased 30% year-over-year, jumping drastically from the 2019 figure of 397,000. As you can imagine, these retirees all move for different reasons. Some are relocating to warmer weather for retirement. Some want to be closer to …

  • On to Bigger and Better Things: 5 Signs it’s Time to Upsize Your House

    For most of us, there’s a natural progression when it comes to our homes.  First, we buy a starter home – something that’s small, manageable, and perfect for a single person or couple. As the family grows and life gets busier, though, most people choose to sell the starter home and scale up into something …

  • Gallo Moving Truck Packing Tips

    You’re getting ready to move and thinking about loading that moving truck. Are there items you can’t bring? What should you know as you pack your boxes?  These are questions our customers ask us a lot, and for a good reason: knowing what you can and can’t put in a moving truck can be confusing. …

  • The Most Important Qualities to Look for in Commercial Movers in Milford

    You’re preparing to move your business, and you’re looking for a skilled moving team to help you get the job done.  If you’ve never worked with movers before, you might feel a little stuck. How do you figure out which team is right for you? Which questions are you supposed to ask? Do you need …

  • Moving Your Business: 5 Things the Experts Want you to Know

    Moving your business is a big step. A new location could offer more space, a better customer experience, or more business. Before you can enjoy all the benefits, you’ve got to get settled in your new space.  In this blog, we’ll tackle one topic that many of our customers have questions about: how to move …


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