Container On Wheels COWContainers On Wheels (COWS)

COWS, or Containers On Wheels Portable Storage units are the ideal storage solution. Have a COW delivered to your home and returned whenever you’re ready. We can even move your COW to a new location such as to our storage warehouse or to your new home.

A COW portable storage container offers the convenience and flexibility of having storage right at your home. COWS are perfect for moving, home staging and de-cluttering, remodeling projects — any time you need extra storage.

You can call us now at 866-697-4400, or contact us to find out more. OR if you’re ready, you can order your COW complete with delivery online right now!

Why Rent a COW?

Guaranteed Lowest Price
We guarantee to beat our competitors’ prices. Our flexible pricing and no hidden fees mean that we can always offer the best price.

You only pay for what you use. WIth daily, weekly, or monthly rates, you aren’t tied into a rental term that doesn’t fit your needs.

Your COW remains at your home for easy and immediate access to your belongings.

Just the Right Size
With our two sizes to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a COW. Each size is designed to fit in a parking spot, making them the perfect solution for apartments and condos.

Safe & Secure
Our COWS are built with safety and security in mind. The weather-tight steel construction is secured with your own personal lock for the utmost protection.

When to Use a COW

Home Staging
De-clutter your home to stage it for maximum sales potential.

Remodeling Projects
Move furniture, appliances, and decorations out of the way while you work on home improvements.

Your COW remains at your home for easy and immediate access to your belongings.

Extra Storage
When kids come home from college (or need a place to stay for a few months) load up a COW for convenience and peace of mind.

COWS delivery area is within a 20-mile radius of the Gallo Warehouse in Milford, Massachusetts.

Delivery charge is a flat fee of $99 (inside 10-mile radius) or $129 (10- to 20-mile radius).

Pickup charge is $99 (inside 10-mile radius) or $129 (10- to 20-mile radius). This is charged separately at time of pickup.

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