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Megan Elliott, Customer Service, Gallo Moving & StorageMoving Advice comes to you from Meg Elliott, our customer service person extraordinaire, and the brains behind the Gallo Moving brawn.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Packer

Moving can be a stressful time, not to mention all of the packing that needs to be done. Why not leave the hassle of packing to the pros? There are many benefits of hiring a professional packer when it comes to moving. Check out these top reasons you should hire a...

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A Guide to Moving Day Etiquette

When it comes to moving, there are many ways to make sure your day is productive and smooth. Here are 10 things that will make moving day easier for everyone involved.   Let the movers do their job You’ve hired a full-service moving company for a reason, so YOU don’t...

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3 MAJOR Tips for Successfully Moving with Children

Moving is a stressful time, but throw a couple of screaming kids in the mix and it’s a downright nightmare. When trying to move with little ones it seems that your attention is always divided. Use these 3 tips to move with children with ease! 1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask...

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18 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Move

Whether it’s across the country or down the street, moving can be expensive; which is why it’s important to use every opportunity possible to save money. Knowing how much you’ll need to spend and where you can save can help keep costs down. Here at Gallo Moving &...

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How To Avoid Moving Scams

If you’re planning on relocating anytime soon, trusting your moving company can take a lot of the stress out of moving. Complaints about moving company scams have risen 25% since 2014. Avoid moving scams by following these quick tips. Say No to Low-Ball Bids When it...

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