Scott, Mike, and Joe were amazing!  It was a tough, difficult move and they were so good about the different stops, the fact that there were a few more items in my mom’s storage that I did not see, and not once did they get flustered or make me feel bad!

I give them so much credit – I don’t know how they do it! I have never seen so much fit in a truck!

My sister from NJ was here and actually asked if they had people in NJ as she was amazed at how they got the job done!

It is amazing to me that not once, in four moves, have I ever had an issue, problem, cranky mover, or anything negative about the company.  Not a lot of places can say that or have that type of record!  Although I truly hope that I don’t have to move ever, ever again – you can be sure that I will always call you and have already recommended and sung your praises to friends and family!

Thank YOU also, for all your help, for being so good and flexible with me.  I cannot thank you all enough!

Have a wonderful day!

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