An excellent experience

Everything went great.  The 3 men were great; hard-working, respectful of our property and a pleasure to work with.  All and all, an excellent experience.  We will recommend you highly and often.

May 2018

Efficient, pleasant, respectful

The fellows did very well, efficient, pleasant, respectful. Thank you,

Ed and Ginny
May 2018

Well-coordinated and extremely professional

The moving team was the best, excellent customer service, well coordinated and most of all extremely professional. Please send them again for my permanent move in September.

May 2018

Took all my worries off our shoulders

Thanks for everything! Your men were spectacular. We had two of the hottest days to move. Each guy was as nice as the other. They worked together like a well-oiled machine. Took all my worries off our shoulders.
Joyce and Jim
May 2018

Fast and efficient

Everything went well. Kevin, Chris, Alex and Quinn were great. They were fast and efficient. We are still settling in and I think it will take a few weeks to empty all these boxes.

May 2018

The final cost came right in where the estimate was

Your team at Gallo did a fantastic job for our move. It was no small undertaking as they were hauling furniture and boxes up and down 4 flights of stairs and never complained once. All of our items arrived in perfect condition and the house was spotless when they left. I wholeheartedly recommend the team and could not have been any happier. I was also pleased that the final cost came right in where the estimate was. Thank you for your help with the process and send my thanks to Kevin and the team.
May 2018

Very Organized

Franco was great, the team was very organized and the move out went really well.

Eric and Trish
May 2018

Incredibly smoothly!

The move went incredibly smoothly!  Mike, Tony, and Nick did an awesome job and I can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work.  They’re truly a pleasure to work with.  Gallo has proven to be an outstanding moving service and you have my word that I will highly recommend them to anyone I know in need of a move.  In addition, I’ll make sure my Real Estate agent spreads the word too.

Thank you and the team for such an incredible experience!!!

April 2018

Really Well!

The move went really well! Your guys were really nice and hard workers 🙂

March 2018

My sincere thanks to you

Derek and Zachary were great on Monday. I am so grateful that everyone that has done any kind of job for me rolls with the punches. We always seem to put a monkey wrench into everything. So my sincere thanks to you and everyone at Gallo for all that you do.

March 2018

We Will Always Remember Your Great Assistance

We want to extend our sincere thanks to your foreman, Scott, and your movers, Joe, Mike and Jason, for their hard and careful work for us when we moved.

We especially want to express our gratitude for their willingness to switch gears on almost no notice to accommodate us when we were in dire need of help.

We will always remember their great assistance in our time of need. We will highly recommend your company to our friends, co-workers and anyone who we learn needs a mover.
Thanks to your moving company and its great employees. Have a great year ahead.
Linda and Mike
February 2018

Careful and Efficient

The move went very well. Sam and Ryan were careful and efficient and very kind too. Thank you so much for a great job!

February 2018

Excellent Experience!

The move was very smooth. Thank you so much for all your help. Our experience was excellent and we would definitely recommend your services. The guys on the job were really helpful and took the time to organize our move on both ends. When we couldn’t find something, they really went above and beyond to help us. They even texted one of the other movers who was there to pack the house, but not unload, and what we were missing was found within minutes! We also really appreciated that the quote we got was right on par with the actual cost. There weren’t any hidden fees, which was really helpful in the moving process. Thank you so much!

February 2018

Outstanding job!

The men were amazing and did an outstanding job!! It was such an easy day and I can’t believe how fast they worked. Thank you.

February 2018

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We used Gallo Movers to move a client to a newly purchased home and I can’t say enough about how pleased we were to have had them move my client. They were the best professional people who went above and beyond to make this a pleasurable experience for everyone! I highly recommend anyone moving to please call Bill Bailot 1-781-901-6066 at Gallo movers and set up an appointment to satisfy all your moving needs! If you are looking for the ultimate professional movers please call Bill Bailot and Gallo movers for your next move!! Satisfaction guaranteed!

February 2018

Amazed at how they got the job done!

Scott, Mike, and Joe were amazing!  It was a tough, difficult move and they were so good about the different stops, the fact that there were a few more items in my mom’s storage that I did not see, and not once did they get flustered or make me feel bad!

I give them so much credit – I don’t know how they do it! I have never seen so much fit in a truck!

My sister from NJ was here and actually asked if they had people in NJ as she was amazed at how they got the job done!

It is amazing to me that not once, in four moves, have I ever had an issue, problem, cranky mover, or anything negative about the company.  Not a lot of places can say that or have that type of record!  Although I truly hope that I don’t have to move ever, ever again – you can be sure that I will always call you and have already recommended and sung your praises to friends and family!

Thank YOU also, for all your help, for being so good and flexible with me.  I cannot thank you all enough!

Have a wonderful day!

February 2018

5-star service

I received 5-star service from Jeff and his team.  They rolled with the unexpected snow and had me in a place where I could get to my appointment the next day on a decent night’s sleep.
Please let them know I appreciate the help they provided.
Thanks very much!
February 2018

Above and beyond

Your guys were amazing.  They were so professional and courteous and went above and beyond to help in our move.
January 2018

The guys were super!

The move went GREAT. The guys were super – very respectful of my property and took care of everything without any issues. They really worked hard to fit my large desk into the smaller house with a tight turn to get it into the room. Fortunately, after several attempts, they got it solved without having to try and take it apart which likely would have been a problem given how it is put together. They worked fast too and were done by about 3 PM which was sooner than I thought it would be. The cost was just under your estimate – great job by you!

Overall I am very happy with the move and will recommend Gallo Moving to my real estate agents for their other clients. When I move again, I will surely look to Gallo first.

December 2017

Prompt, professional, and flexible!

The movers were prompt, professional, and flexible. We were very pleased! It was a busy day and the movers kept checking in to ask where we wanted items and if we were happy with the placement. They helped out with some odd items as well. Thank you so much! We would highly recommend Gallo!!
Susan and Scott
December 2017

More than helpful

As always Derek and Joe were very professional and more than helpful.  They went above and beyond without any complaints.

December 2017

Our move went without a hitch!

Our recent move went without a hitch! The movers couldn’t have been nicer, and they put everything exactly where we asked.  I would recommend your company to anyone who is considering moving.
Thanks so much again!

December 2017

A pleasure to work with

Everything went great and the guys were a pleasure to work with. Appreciate your business.

November 2017

Extremely careful

The movers were great and were extremely careful with the furniture.

November 2017

I am very glad that I decided to use Gallo for my move

Everything went extremely well with the move. Your men were fast, efficient, and very nice. They made sure that everything was as I wanted it both when removing all the stuff from my old home to moving them into the new home. The boxes were all labeled and the guys even placed everything into the rooms where they belonged. They were very kind and easy to work with. I am very glad that I decided to use Gallo for my move. Thank you for reaching out to me at each step of my move and checking in on how things went. You have gone above and beyond and offered high-quality service at a very affordable price. I would definitely recommend your services to others and if I ever need to move again, I will definitely be calling you again. Thank you for such amazing customer service.
November 2017

Under budget and on time

The move went very well. The team you guys sent out were nice, helpful, efficient and most importantly didn’t break anything. The move came in under budget and everything was on time. Those guys should be recognized, they made our moving process much easier and even injected some humor into the days.


November 2017

Gallo rocks!

Gallo rocks!!!  The move went GREAT!!!! Nothing but good things to say.
November 2017

Very smoothly

The loading went very smoothly, and Derek and Joe could not have been nicer or more professional.
November 2017

Very professional and extremely helpful

Mike and crew did a fabulous job.  We were very happy with the service.  Very professional and extremely helpful.  I would strongly recommend Gallo Moving and Storage to anyone planning a move.  They did everything for us when packing up and the only thing I had to do when they delivered the furniture was to tell them what room to put it in.  Can’t say enough good things about this crew.

Thank you again.

Very satisfied customer.

Roy and Mary
November 2017

Courteous and professional

We were so pleased with the move. The crew, Derrick, Garrell, and Wilson couldn’t have been more courteous and professional. They reflect great credit on Gallo movers. I will highly recommend your firm to anyone moving. Thanks.

October 2017

Could not have been more accommodating

The driver and packers could not have been more polite nor more accommodating. Thank you for all your help.
October 2017

Helpful & Polite

All arrived safely, and both John and local mover Johnny were helpful and polite. The furniture looks great.
October 2017

Way Beyond Expectations

Great guys and hard workers who knew what they were doing. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful the crew was, way beyond expectations.
October 2017


The guys were exceptional and took great pride in their work. They were efficient and thoughtful with the way they removed the contents of our home and then meticulously filled the storage unit perfectly and completely.
October 2017

Fantastic! Very Careful and Fast

Bill. Derek, Nick & Jay were fantastic! Very careful; and fast! During our walk-through, you said you would quote 8 hours, but thought it would take 7. Well, it took 5.5!!!

October 2017

Fabulous Move

Another fabulous move – thank you!  Will be sure to recommend Gallo!

October 2017

Would Definitely Recommend!

Thanks for checking in with us. Yes, all went well with the pack up on Thursday. The guys were helpful & very polite. They were able to fit all our items in the container very efficiently! We would definitely recommend Gallo for anyone needing to move!

Julie & Don
September 2017

Very Well and Efficient

The move went very well (except still no internet service – but that’s obviously not in your jurisdiction).  Seriously, the movers were very efficient and it is great to have all of our stuff back in one place.

September 2017

Great Job and Great Attitudes!

Just wanted to let you know that our move yesterday went very well.  Kevin and his team were fantastic – they did a great job and all had great attitudes. It was a very long day but it couldn’t have gone better. Thanks again for making a stressful time much less stressful!

September 2017

Could Not Recommend You Enough!!

Thanks for reaching out. I cannot say enough good things about the guys that came for our move yesterday. Mike, Tony, and Nick were efficient, careful, and considerate with all of our furniture. Not only did they clear out our boxes, dismantle our furniture, and carry it down 3 flights of stairs in record time, but they were kind, friendly, and polite the entire way through. Not a single unpleasant groan from any of them (and the stairs are tough!). They proceeded to unload at our destination and re-assemble our furniture exactly how and where we needed it. I’m so glad we chose your company to move our belongings to our new home. The guys that came yesterday were the absolute best!! Could not recommend you enough!!

Kerri & Derek
September 2017

The Move Went Great!

Thank you for helping to make a stressful time a bit less stressful! The move went great! Your movers are very nice and they did an exceptional job. I have already referred you to a couple of friends and will not hesitate to refer you in the future!

September 2017

Would Absolutely Recommend Gallo Moving to Anybody in Search of a Fantastic Moving Company

Our move went very smoothly. We were completely impressed by the men’s work ethic and efficiency.  A portion of the move took place during downpours, and they took extra precautions to make sure nothing got wet. We were extremely satisfied and would absolutely recommend Gallo Moving to anybody in search of a fantastic moving company.

Thanks again,

Kim & Eric
September 2017

Scott and Crew Were the Best!

The first phase of my move went flawlessly. Scott and crew were the best! They worked efficiently and were a pleasure to deal with, something you don’t come across too often these days!

September 2017

The Move Went GREAT

The move went GREAT. Mike, Anthony, and Chris ( was it?) were awesome. They were on time, very kind, polite, and pleasant to work with. They worked diligently from the time they go there to until they unloaded everything into the new place. As you can see from the paperwork we ended up moving quite A bit of stuff ourselves over the course of the 3 weeks. I think hey ended up with only like 10 boxes and all the rest was furniture.
I would definitely recommend Gallo  (and have already done so to some) to all my friends who are moving.
Lori & Mike
August 2017

As Usual, the Move Was Fantastic

As usual, the move was fantastic (and weather great too)!  Mike, Tony and Ryan are a terrific team.  They are always so polite, patient, hard-working and things go so smoothly as a result!

Thank you for all YOU do!

August 2017

Gallo Moving Was Incredible From Start to Finish

Gallo Moving was incredible from start to finish. I’m a single mom of two special needs children, who’d always dreamed of moving from Massachusetts to Florida. To be honest I was very nervous about the whole thing, what needed to be done, how to do it and how I was going to manage to do this all by myself. Gallo Moving was incredible. They came and answered my questions, gave me a very fair price to move us to Florida. They were flexible with the dates, kind, friendly and very professional. When the big day came, they were on time, worked very hard, extremely polite, and kind. They helped me with loose ends, made sense of the mess that I’d made and got us on our way. They scheduled our move and when that big day came, they were early, and once again blew me away with their professionalism and kindness. They had my new house unloaded in a matter of hours. I was very happy and would definitely recommend them for any move.

August 2017


The boys did a FANTASTIC job. I am so pleased with them, their work ethic, their gentlemanliness, their patience, especially with me. Top notch.
August 2017

We Will Definitely Recommend You

Your team was very helpful and nice guys. We will definitely recommend you guys to our friends.
August 2017

Moving Day was Excellent!!!

Moving Day was excellent!! Sam, Chris, Chris, Gary and Joe were all so pleasant, efficient, professional and skilled. I can’t believe how quickly they got everything loaded while taking such care with our belongings and the house. It was kind of a complicated load, given the need for a shuttle, but they handled it all so beautifully. They truly are top-notch.

Thanks again for all of your help in this seemingly overwhelming undertaking.

August 2017

They Went Above and Beyond

Our move went very well, especially in light of it being somewhat complicated by our not being able to move everything to our new home. Jeff and the guys were prompt, polite and very considerate of us and our things. They even went above and beyond and did more than we asked.

August 2017

Gallo Has Some Great Movers

Everything went off without a hitch. Gallo has some great movers. Thanks again.


August 2017

Dedicated & Professional

We appreciate the follow-up, Bill, your generosity of time, and your guidance in helping us prepare for our move. It was easy to communicate with you and your office, and that was especially helpful. And finally, you’re a good person, a dedicated professional and a really nice guy. That has meant everything to us!

Lisa & Chris
July 2017

Everything Went Very Well

Everything went very well. The movers were very friendly and collaborative and finished quicker than anticipated. We appreciate it.
C. Johnson
July 2017


All went well they did a very good job. Thanks!
July 2017

Could Not Ask For More

Working with Gallo made the office move both easy to arrange and simple to execute.  Your team was on time and efficient.  Could not ask for more.

July 2017

All Went Very Well

All went very well… despite incredible heat and humidity on move out day… the crew was professional, well prepared and even good humored!  Move in day was cooler… much easier on all involved and still the same highly professional and well prepared crew was on the job. Great care was taken to make sure we had all the right pieces in the right places… we appreciate the concern for our items. We would recommend them to anyone in the area.

Marilyn & Fred
July 2017

Your Team Was Great

Your team was great. Very professional, polite, conversational, hard working, and fast! In the end, I paid a little less than the original estimate and could not have been happier. Thanks for a great move!

July 2017

Your Crew Was Very Friendly and Efficient

Your crew was very friendly and efficient. Never thought they could pack as much as they did into that storage unit. Thanks again.
July 2017

I Was Blown Away

Everything went great. Mike and the guys were terrific. I was blown away by the hustle those guys showed on the move out / in – both days were hot and humid, but they were upbeat the whole way. I have already referred you guys to a friend that is considering a new home purchase. Thanks again for all your help!!

July 2017

All Went Great!

All went great!  Many thanks for the efficiency, the professionalism, and the great workers! You all made a dreaded deed a good experience! Many thanks!
July 2017

All Good

All good. Good guys. Professional. Finished early. Thanks
July 2017

Thank You For Such Great Service

The men were awesome… they were hard working, pleasant, and so respectful to all my belongings. Thank you for such great service.
July 2017

The Crew Was WONDERFUL!!

Oh my gosh – the crew was WONDERFUL!! Their patience knew no bounds. It started off smooth sailing, but on the other end, the storage space was apparently too small – and they had a tough time getting all our stuff to fit. But they did it! And they never complained. What seemed like a fairly easy gig wound up being quite a challenge, but all the guys were courteous, professional, and good sports through the whole thing. I really appreciate every bit of work they did.
July 2017

I Was Very Impressed With the Service

I was very impressed with the service and I would definitely use your company again if you service this area!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

June 2017

I Have to Say I Have Never Had a Better Experience

I have to say I have never had a better experience. They were quick, efficient, polite and friendly. I would hire them again in a minute. So glad I chose Gallo!

June 2017

All Went Well With The Move!

All went well with the move. Great team . . . very helpful and polite. Thanks, again, for your help. You and your team made for an easy move.

Doug & Ellen
June 2017

Everything Went Well!

Everything went well and the guys were great.

Maureen & John
June 2017

I Can’t Say Enough About The Crew

I can’t say enough about the crew that moved me out of Dedham. They were more than thorough, professional, courteous, respectful and overall wonderful!
The team leader clearly knew what he was doing and had great recommendations. My sister-in-law is moving in the late summer and I will not hesitate to recommend Gallo to her. Thank you for helping me with this most difficult phase of my new life.
June 2017

The Movers Were Fantastic!

The movers were fantastic!!! So hard working and very nice!

June 2017

The Guys Were Great!

The guys were great. They were careful with our things and with our home. Thank you.

Fran & Keith
June 2017

Your Team Did A Great Job!

Your team did a great job. The move in Marshfield, MA is an awful job and they completed it professionally and quickly. I’m very happy with the move. Once again, thanks for all your help.

June 2017

Joe & Joe Were Awesome

Joe & Joe were awesome! They were professional and courteous…. I’m happy. Perfect execution to my move plan.

June 2017

They Were Great!

They were great! Professional, friendly, efficient. What else could we ask for!

May 2017

The Movers Were Very Professional and Worked Well Together

The movers were very professional and worked well together. They showed up right on time and the move went faster than expected. I would recommend Gallo Moving to my family and friends.

May 2017

Professional, Hard Working and Extremely Efficient

A big thank you for the job your team did during our move last week. Your team was professional, hard working, and extremely efficient. I was concerned about our hardwood floors that had just been refinished, but your team covered/protected them and we had no problems. I would gladly recommend Gallo Moving to anyone.

Thank you!

May 2017

The Move Was Perfect!

It was perfect! The father/son team that worked on it were fabulous!!!!
May 2017

The Service Was Above and Beyond

The service was above and beyond what I would have ever expected. Fast, efficient, courteous and professional are only a few words to describe the service I received!

May 2017

I Highly Recommend Gallo

Everything went as planned. The movers showed up on time, were extremely pleasant, never took a break and cleaned up afterwards so that you never knew they were there. I highly recommend Gallo to anyone who is contemplating a move.

May 2017

What Wonderful Guys You Have!

What wonderful guys you have!  They were amazing! Thank you so much!

May 2017

The Move Went Fabulously

The actual move price was lower than the quote!! The move went fabulously. The movers were prompt, efficient and courteous. The whole process was very well executed. We would absolutely recommend Gallo to friends and family. We are so happy that we were able to support a local company and have a great customer experience. Thank you!

April 2017

Thanks For Making A Tough Time Bearable

Thanks for making a tough time bearable. The move went very well. The guys did a great job with a ton of stuff including one armoire that just did not want to come out of the house but they persevered and finally got her out.

April 2017

The Movers Were Great

The movers were great and did an excellent job!  I would happily recommend your company and you!
March 2017

You Made The Whole Move Much Less Stressful

You made the whole move much less stressful. I will definitely use you for future moves.

March 2017

The Move Could Not Have Gone Better

The move could not have gone better. Mike and the rest of the crew were awesome. They were professional and polite and went above and beyond to make this move as easy as they could. Hopefully we won’t need to move for a long long time but if we do we’ll use Gallo.

March 2017

The Move Went Great!

The move went great and the movers did an excellent job. I would recommend them highly. Thanks for a smooth move.

March 2017

Highly Recommend Gallo

Crew had to load in the snow (light in the beginning, blizzard for the last 2 hours) They did a fantastic job handling the weather (without complaint!) and were able to work quickly loading 2 trucks. Same crew did the unload the next day (in much better weather) and did a great job putting everything where it belonged. No damage to anything! Final delivery price was right on the estimate. Highly recommend Gallo.

February 2017

Everything Went Great

Everything went great. Your guys were terrific. We are all moved in to the apartment. Just a little cleaning at the condo left for tomorrow. Thanks for checking in.

February 2017

John Was Superb and Understanding

I would like to compliment the entire Gallo team on a totally painless move to Gettysburg, PA. Being our first move since 1975, we really did not know what to expect. We only heard negative things about moving companies. You guys were great. John, the driver should get a raise. He is a great representative of your company. The 4 people on his crew were courteous and very professional. John was superb, and understanding. When we make our next move in 42 years we will be sure to call Gallo, and will recommend you whenever we can.

February 2017

Thank You For The Very Positive Experience

Thank you so much for a very efficient move today. Your crew guys were courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. They were especially respectful of the elderly who were at every step of the way. I now know why you were recommended by Tatnuck Park senior living. Thank you for the very positive experience.

January 2017

I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an excellent mover

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasant experience I had moving with your company. In what is often a very stressful experience, it was made very enjoyable.

From the packing done by Kevin and Nick and the moving itself done by Kevin, Nick, Gary and Chris, I couldn’t have been more pleased. They were reliable and professional. They even managed to move my things that I had packed rather poorly (Who needs paper?) and nothing was broken.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an excellent mover.


January 2017

Whenever I get the opportunity to recommend a moving company, it is always Gallo Moving & Storage

As a real estate professional for over 15 years, I’m often asked to refer various service providers. Whenever I get the opportunity to recommend a moving company, it is always Gallo Moving & Storage. They always come through, never let me down, and always provide top notch service. My clients are happy and that makes me happy. I’m always confident to recommend Gallo because they’ve earned it!

January 2017

No need to worry with Gallo Moving

After reading the reviews for a number of moving companies, our decision came down to picking one of two finalists.  Each of them had one bad review, so we felt we were taking our chances no matter which one we selected.  It turns out that we had no need to worry with our selection of Gallo Moving.  Bill came to our house within a day or two of our initial call.  He went through the entire property and explained the process to us.  Bill even gave us a few tips on how to reduce the final bill, like emptying the attic and moving the items to lower floors. On the day of the move, Mike and Brian arrived within 30 minutes of the scheduled time.  The whole process of selling a house and buying a condo had been stressful.  We found that working with Mike and Brian made moving one of the more enjoyable aspects of the entire process.  They were pleasant, polite, and professional.  It was amazing to see how quickly and carefully they wrapped a variety of items.  In two hours, the truck was packed and on its way to the condo unit only about 8 miles away.  The unloading process was even faster.  All the boxes and furniture were placed exactly in the areas we requested.  Now that we have opened the boxes and unwrapped the items, we are happy to report that not one thing was broken.  That was quite the feat when you consider the fragile condition of some of the heirloom china.  Perhaps one of the nicest surprises was the fact that the final bill was about 20% less than the estimate. We certainly had a great experience with Gallo and would recommend the company without reservation.
January 2017

Mike, Tony and Joe were great!!

Mike, Tony and Joe were great!!  They arrived on Saturday morning when they said they would and they got right down to business.  They had everything out of the in-law and main side of the house in 2.5 hours!!  They work quickly and efficiently.

As soon as my close was done on Tuesday, I texted Mike and he was at the new place in 30 minutes and they were in and out in 2 hours.

I couldn’t have asked for a smoother move from one to the other!!  After our first meeting I knew Gallo was the right choice to use for my move.

Thank you for everything!  Happy holidays!

December 2016

The team was great and did a superb job

Everything went well once we finally arrived. The team was great and did a superb job. Nice crew. Thanks again and enjoy the holiday season. Best wishes.


December 2016

I could not have been happier with the crew

I could not have been happier with the crew. Mike, Joe and Tony were very professional and were great to work with. They were extra helpful with the heavy stuff like my safe and antique stove.


December 2016

The Crew Leader was great!

The Crew Leader was great! The helper was very polite and pleasant to deal with and clearly working hard to make sure we were happy.

July 2016

The team did an outstanding job

The team did an outstanding job, showed up and went to work — any request we had they took care of right away, cost estimate was right on. You guys took the stress out of moving.

July 2016

Great Job!

Great Job! You guys were great and I would recommend you to anyone! Have a Great Day!

July 2016

We are so glad that we chose Gallo Moving

We are so glad that we chose Gallo Moving & Storage to help with our local move. They were a few minutes early both days and very accommodating. Everyone that we worked with at Gallo was friendly and dedicated to making our move go smoothly.

July 2016

These guys are great!

These guys are great! Every interaction I’ve had with the members of the Gallo Moving & Storage Team has been superior. They are super responsive and highly professional. They arrived on time and took great care loading and unloading our belongings. We had an excellent experience with a great crew of movers who were on time, professional, efficient, and basically just very good at what they do. They were so conscientious and were so patient with us. We had some last minute / game time decisions to be made with regard to the furniture because our realtor recommended leaving some furniture to stage the house.

We also used a COW (Container On Wheels), also from Gallo Moving & Storage, to stage the home we were selling and basically declutter our home while we prepared to move to our other home. I highly recommend this strategy. The COW was also delivered on time and with great care. It can then be loaded and transported to another location to supplement the move or if you have to stage your home and move some items at different times.

Most importantly, they were also super honest. Given the game time decisions we moved less furniture than we previously thought. So our bill was adjusted to reflect the actual amount vs. the price we were originally quoted. We really appreciated their honesty, conscientiousness and hard work. My husband and I can’t say enough good things about them. They made moving (IMO – an inherently stressful experience) significantly less stressful. For that, we are most appreciative! We’ve already highly recommended them to our some of our friends who are also in the process of moving.
Thanks again!

June 2016

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