During any kind of move — whether commercial or residential, finding space to store your belongings during the process often gets overlooked until the very last moment. A very simple and cost effective solution would be to rent a storage container to store your belongings until the move is ready to be completed. Here are some of the many benefits of storage containers and why you should consider renting a storage container —

Affordability — Renting a storage container can be very cost effective. There are options to only pay for what you use, and the storage container can be rented for any duration from a couple of days up to a few months.

Flexibility — Whether you only need to rent the storage container for a few days, weeks, or months, there are companies that can accommodate your needs.

Convenience — Storage Containers can be placed near your home for convenience, or placed in a storage facility.

Multiple Size Options — Most storage containers come in many size options and are designed to fit in parking spaces for the convenience of apartment complexes and condos.

Safety and Security — Storage containers are designed to be weather resistant and secured by a lock to keep your belongings safe.

Gallo Moving & Storage offers Containers on Wheels (COWS) services that are both convenient and affordable for your storage solution. A COW portable storage container offers the convenience and flexibility of having storage right at your home. COWS are perfect for moving, home staging and de-cluttering, remodeling projects, and any time you need extra storage.

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