For many families who are currently in the process of a major move, finding the space to store your belongings become a major challenge. Moving containers offer portable storage solutions that can help relieve the stress of moving from place to place. Most storage containers can fit an entire household of furniture, or, at least, the majority of your belongings. Here are some additional reasons why you should consider investing in a storage container for your next major move.

  1. Loading & Storage — Storage containers are much lower than the loading dock of a moving truck. Carrying heavy furniture to and from a storage container is easier, especially if you are conducting a major move which consists of a lot of furniture.
  2. Cost Effectiveness — Instead of hiring movers to load and unload your furniture, a storage container allows the homeowner to seek the help of friends, family or neighbors to do the lifting instead of the movers. The only cost is renting the storage container itself. The moving company will simply pick up the container and move it to the new location.
  3. Storage Size — Depending on the storage or moving company that you use, they will typically offer various sizes of storage units for you to rent. The cost of the storage container will vary depending on the size that you wish to rent.
  4. Security — Unlike offsite storage facilities, a portable storage container is more secure due to the fact that it is placed right outside your own home. Only the homeowner will have access to the storage container during the time that the homeowner rents the container.
  5. Safe Delivery — Once the storage container is ready to ship, the moving containers are lifted with a specialized lifting system that minimizes the shifting of the containers.

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