The Gallo Moving and Storage app for smart phones is a simple and enjoyable way to receive a moving estimate! Just select your dates, type of move, pick up and delivery locations, and we’ll provide an accurate estimate within 24 hours! We even offer estimates for auto vehicle shipping!


No more hassle of trying to set up an appointment with a moving professional to get an estimate; everything is done right through the app. There’s no need to rearrange your schedule just to receive a moving estimate!

Take & Upload Pictures

Eliminate time spent with in home estimators by using the photo and video capture functionality. Just take pictures and videos of your items and rooms, and upload them to the app. It even allows you to itemize your inventory by room!

Moving Checklist

The app offers a convenient moving checklist so you’ll be fully prepared for your move. It offers steps to take starting eight weeks before your move, all the way up until moving day!


At Gallo Moving & Storage, we can provide the services of packing for you! Just choose a room to itemize on the app and click “Yes” under “Does this room require packing?” Our movers will show up and carefully pack up all of your belongings.

Order Moving Boxes

You can order boxes and moving supplies right from our app to make packing quick, easy and stress free.

Need help moving? Check out our new app on iTunes and Google Play, or contact us here!

Gallo Moving App




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