Moving on your own is quite like Murphy’s Law, if it can go wrong, you can bet it will! Moving certainly comes with its fair share of hassles, pains, and unexpected situations; whether it is getting time off from work, finding the right time to rent a truck, or even having to deal with inclement weather as fall weather can be quite unpredictable. If you plan on tackling the move on your own, read on for some quick tips to help you handle a fall move with ease!

Cover Your Tracks!

With Fall comes leaves, dirt, mud, rain, and snow; possible all within a day! With such an unpredictable season heading our way, it is smart to lay down plastic or some sort of ground cover on your floors so that you are not tracking any outside elements into your new abode. By placing a protective cover on the floor, you are not only saving the rug from being dirtied, or the hardwood from being scuffed, but you are also reducing any post-move cleanup!

Summer Declutter

As human beings, we have a knack for collecting and hoarding a lot of unnecessary items. Whenever a move is on the horizon, it can be a great time to reduce clutter around your home by throwing away or storing things that you will no longer need. Some examples might be beach chairs, pool floats, or any random item that no longer has a purpose in your home. Reduce the clutter clear space for new purchases and reducing the initial load to your new residence.

Pack With The Season In Mind

If you are planning a fall move, it can be beneficial to stow away items like summer apparel that you will not immediately need. Placing these items in a storage unit will not only reduce the bulk of goods going to the new apartment or home, but will allow you to organize and better prepare for the upcoming seasonal changes.


With colder weather on its way, it is a proactive move to contact your utility provider to get your utilities up and running for when you move in on day 1. Having your utilities up and running can make the move smoother as heat and electricity will make for a comfortable transition with this increased level of comfort.

The Professional & Personal Touch

No matter the time of the year, a professional moving company will always be prepared to safely facilitate your relocation! Our commitment to service and “doing the right thing” are not just clichés at Gallo Moving & Storage — they are what we live by. If you’re moving for the first time, don’t hesitate to reach out to our award-winning moving specialists at Gallo Moving & Storage.

The Gallo Guarantee

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