Relocating can be a hassle, but it is not impossible to achieve an organized and successful move. It is important to have a handle on all the arrangements that you need to make for your relocation. There are different types of moves that people make throughout the year, from in-state to international, and each requires a particular amount of time for planning and organization. There is the question of “How far in advance should you book with a moving company for your move?” Let’s see if we can provide you with that answer to help make your move a success. The where and when factors when moving are important when determining when to book with a moving company.

Peak Moving Times

If you plan on moving during the peak moving times, which are the late spring months, during the summer, the weekends and on national holidays, you need to book way in advance. This is roughly 2 months before your scheduled move date. Expect the peak moving times to be considered busy for top moving companies.

Off-Peak Moving Time

The off-peak moving season, during fall and winter, afford you much more flexibility when booking your move. If you are on a tight budget this might be a more ideal time for you. You are more likely to see moving companies lower their prices, sometimes by nearly 30 percent. Booking with a trustworthy and affordable mover 4 weeks in advance is recommended when moving in a less busy time

Move Within the Same City During the Summer

Since the summer is a peak moving time, even though you are moving within the same city, it ’s ideal to book two months in advance before your move date. You’ll avoid the summer rush and have a limited choice of movers.

Move Within the Same City During Off-Peak Season

If you are moving in the fall or winter when moving companies are less busy, you can book from 2 to 4 weeks ahead of your move date.

Intrastate Move During the Summer

Let’s say that you are moving within the same state, you should book 10-12 weeks in advance, especially because there is a fewer number of intrastate moving companies. You want to be able to secure your move during the busy summer months if your options are limited.

Interstate Off-Season Move

In the case that you are crossing state lines, book with a moving company at least an eight-week in advance notice. Keep in mind that there are fewer movers the farther your move takes you.

International Move

An international move requires far more attention because international movers often require sufficient notice to get many things done. The general recommendation is to book at least 3-4 months in advance or as much as six months to secure a reputable and reliable mover.

Commercial Move

You want to ensure that the infrastructure and technology are in place when you get to your new office when doing a commercial move. A minimum of booking three months in advance for your commercial move is ideal to give you and your staff the opportunity to scale down, organize and reorganize where necessary.


It is important to remember that where to and when you move are important when booking with a moving company. The peak moving times and off-peak times, as well as the place of relocation, on will help to determine how far in advance you should book with a moving company. Gallo Moving and Storage can guarantee you a stress-free move whenever and wherever you want to go. Contact us today for a free moving evaluation!

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