A new year brings new opportunities to improve ourselves as well as our current living situation. Surely we’ve all heard the saying “New Year, New Me” and while it may sound cliché, that term can also extend into your current living situation regarding a potential move to a new home, or simply the desire to consolidate & clean your current residence! Read on to learn our 4 favorite yet simple tips to declutter your home in 2020!

1. Make a list and check it twice!

Over the years we seem to accumulate an “unnecessary” number of souvenirs, knick-knacks, and other miscellaneous items that we just had to have in the moment! While some of these items may have more sentimental value than others it may be a good first move to go through your home and make a list of items that you are okay with disposing of, as well as compiling a list of must-have items & items that you can’t part with but are okay with putting in storage for the long term.

The main goal is to create a list that will serve as a guideline to help make the process easier when it comes time to dispose or pack those items away!

2. Purge Items that take up the most space

Another great option to look at when it comes to decluttering is throwing away or donating items that you no longer use or need. Some great examples would be clearing out those electronics that have been sitting in your closet since 1999, or clearing out your ever-expanding wardrobe. It is common for these items to collect over the years as we are continually buying new technology/clothing, but rarely do we throw out the things that have become obsolete or haven’t been worn in years.

Find a local shelter or charity that will accept your clothing, or technology! While it may not have any use for yourself, someone might appreciate it greatly!

3. Treat The Process Like a Move

Whether you’ve thought about it before, decluttering your home is almost like a move. When moving you might be limited by space, which forces you to pick and choose which items come with, and what stays behind. By treating the declutter process in a similar fashion, it can help justify how much you really need to keep something.

4. Start Small!

Whether it takes days, weeks, or months to feel accomplished with your decluttering efforts, in the end, it is all about making an effort to consolidate your abode. If you are having difficulty in the decision-making process, remember, it is okay to start small! Focus on one area of the house and try to keep clutter away from that one place. Devote a few minutes every day or at least once a week to keep that place clean. Once you are satisfied with that area, try expanding until you have reached a satisfactory level of declutter in your home!

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