The words fun and easy are rarely included when it comes to moving, however, it does not have to be a painstaking process to dread as your moving date comes closer! With that said, a move will have its fair share of frustrations, issues, and decisions, we have compiled our top 5 moving tips to help you move like the professionals!

1) Start Big!

The kitchen is a vital part of your home, and with that, there is probably an abundance of items that need to be boxed and shelved away. The kitchen is a great place to start packing due to the sheer amount of delicate items involved. Once your cups, dishes, and plates are packed away, it can relieve stress knowing one of the largest rooms in your home is finished! To make the final days easier, use paper and plastic cups the week prior to moving!

2) Declutter

When moving it is important to make sure that you aren’t moving items that you no longer need. Lighten your workload and potential stress by decluttering before you start the formal packing process. This can be difficult as it means figuring out what to toss, keep, sell, or donate. It is important to know how much space you will be going to as not everything fits perfectly!

3) Color Code Boxes for Easier Unpacking

To stay organized, and make the unpacking process that much easier, use different colored masking tape or some sort of labeling method to give each room its own identity. Label the contents of each box for a streamline unpacking process. This moving help yourself as well as movers or friends if you are getting outside assistance. Instead of labeling each room specifically, you can coordinate room to color.

4) Strategize Your Move

Create an organized plan of attack when it comes to packing up your home. Whether it is a studio apartment or a single-family home, it takes time to consolidate your belongings as you prepare to embark on a new adventure! Take some time to make a daily plan to pack items away, so that when it comes time to move you are ready to roll!

5) Don’t leave empty spaces In Boxes.

Fill in any gaps with packing paper, clothing or foam peanuts to prevent items shifting around during the move. Use tape to close the bottom and top seams and around the edges where stress is concentrated.

Let The Professionals Help You Move From Point A To B!

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