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  • Safety Must-Haves for Every Move

    We all know that moving is a big task, but did you know that it can also be dangerous? In addition to being exhausting, moving involves heavy lifting and large, awkward objects–both of which cause the chance of injury to skyrocket.  Unless you’re careful, moving can easily cause serious and long-lasting injuries.  Fortunately, moving doesn’t …

  • How to Set Up Your New Home Office After a Move

    You’ve just moved, and you’re thrilled to start settling into your new home. It’s got lots of natural light, enough room for the family, and–your very favorite feature–a spacious home office.  After the last year of working from the dining room table and dodging macaroni noodles between keystrokes, you can’t wait to enjoy some designated …

  • 6 Top Tips for Moving Your Office

    Moving your business is a big decision. It’s also an exciting opportunity. Perhaps you’re upgrading offices or moving to a location with more foot-traffic. Maybe moving means you finally have a chance to expand your operations and hire more staff. Whatever the case may be, office moving is a big deal.  Luckily, it doesn’t also …

  • How To Pack Dishes for Moving: Top 7 Tips for Stress-Free Moving

    If you’re packing for a move, you probably already know that the kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms in the house to move. And for good reason–it’s filled with breakable, fragile, and bulky items that can be difficult to pack correctly. Fortunately, we’ve been helping people move their kitchens for years, and we …

  • 5 Professional Tips for Packing and Moving Your Kitchen

    If you’ve ever moved before, you know the kitchen is one of the most time-consuming rooms to pack.  And for good reason–virtually everything in it is breakable, sharp, large, or perishable, and it’s hard to know how to move any of it safely or efficiently. In this post, we’ll share our top tips for packing …

  • Across-Country Moving Safety Tips

    Cross-country moving is a big undertaking, and there’s a lot to consider. You know you can’t do it all on your own, so you’ve decided to hire a cross-country mover to help you. You’re unfamiliar with the process, and you’re not sure where to start. How do you choose the right team? How do you …

  • Tips on Moving High-Value Items

    In the world of moving, not all items are created equal. While a reputable company like Gallo Moving & Storage will treat each of your items with respect, “high-value items” are in a class of their own.  In this post, we’ll discuss the unique considerations that go along with moving high-value items and what you …

  • why is moving so stressful

    Top 10 Moving Mistakes

    Moving is a large task, and there’s always a lot to do. As such, it’s easy to make small mistakes that make a large impact on the success of your overall move.  On moving day, avoiding common moving mistakes can mean the difference between a stressful experience and a successful transition.  To help you ensure …

  • house figure sitting on map of the united states

    Moving Out-Of-State Checklist (Steps and Tips)

    If you’re moving out of state, you may feel a bit overwhelmed about everything on your to-do list. And for good reason – an out-of-state move can be a big process, especially if it’s the first time you’ve done it. It can also be expensive. Fortunately, just a little bit of planning can help cut …


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