Moving is always a daunting task. We often forget just how much stuff accumulates over time – whether it’s been one year or ten! Adding longer distances only compounds the various problems and stressors that we come across. To help you plan the next long-distance move, we have provided some helpful hints and tips to get you started on your journey!

Make A List, Check It Twice

An important part of every move is making sure you even know exactly what it is that you’re moving. As we mentioned earlier, we too often forgot all of the random things that we’ve accumulated. You can go about this in two different ways.

First, you can simply make an actual inventory of each room (this can be time-consuming but will provide the most accurate estimate). This will help you understand how much you need to pack and move and will save money overspending on too large of a truck.

Second, you can simply make a list of what’s important to have for your new location and each room and check off that you have those items. As you come across ‘superfluous’ items you can decide whether or not they are things you want to move with you. If you decide not to keep them there are plenty of applications and websites to sell or auction extraneous items.

Pack Essentials

The next important thing is to determine what is absolutely vital to have the MOMENT you arrive at your new home. This can be determined from the lists you made in Step 1 or they can be a separate list entirely. For example, you don’t want to arrive at your new home at midnight and realize that you need to unload half the truck to get your toothbrush. Make a short list of essentials so that you’ll have things to make yourself comfortable immediately as you begin to unpack.

Plan Your Process

The further the move the more important it is that you map your route. Without having a good travel plan you’ll be miserable. Decide when and where you’ll want to stop for meal, gas, and bathroom breaks (this is imperative if you have young children). This way, you are allowing yourself a good recharge as you inch closer to beginning your new life.

A move is always stressful. Don’t add to it by forgetting to make some good plans. While planning doesn’t always cover everything, the amount of catching-up and last-minute corrections will be far lower leaving you more satisfied and less stressed with your upcoming move.

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