Moving is tough under the very best of circumstances. Failing to properly prepare, however, can make things even more challenging for both your family and the movers you’ve hired. There are numerous unspoken rules of moving day etiquette you may or may not be aware of depending on how many times you have relocated your household. In this particular guide, you will learn about five key things you should be aware of before your moving team arrives.


Label boxes ahead of time

There is nothing more frustrating for movers than showing up to a house that isn’t fully packed and ready to go. To reduce stress for everyone involved on the day of your big move, make a point of sealing and labeling all boxes at least one day ahead of time. This will make things significantly easier for your crew, especially when they arrive at your new house and need to put things in specific rooms.


Don’t pack items you’ll need that day

Most people have specific items, such as medications and various toiletries, that they will require throughout their moving day. Make sure you don’t pack these things in a box where they won’t be accessible! This way, you won’t have to ask your movers to start opening boxes before they even get on the road. If you are moving far away and will be flying to your new home, make sure you and all of your family members have everything you’ll need for the trip in your luggage, not in moving boxes!


Give your movers full access

In order to properly pack your home and load the moving truck, your moving team will need full access to both your house and your neighborhood. If, for example, you live in a gated community, make sure they have clearance or the appropriate access code well in advance. Or, if your home has a security system, make a point of disabling it before your moving date arrives. Additionally, make sure your movers are aware of any tow zones or parking restrictions on your block.


Stick around throughout the day

Disappearing when you have a team of movers packing up your home is not a good idea. Make sure you clear your schedule so you can be around all day while items are being loaded. If you have to fly to your new city, try to book your flight the day after your movers are coming. If you have small children, try to arrange childcare for them so you can focus on assisting the moving crew and answering any questions they may have.


A tip is always appreciated

Particularly if this is your first time using moving services, you may not realize that it is both polite and customary to tip movers. Typically, tipping 10-15% is considered appropriate. Don’t forget to do this in the hustle and bustle of moving day madness!


Following these tips should make your upcoming move as simple as possible for you, your family members, and your moving team. Remember, the calmer and more collected you are on the day of your relocation, the more efficient your movers can be. If any problems arise, try to work through them logically and don’t lose your cool! Our skilled movers are here to ensure this an exciting time for your family, not a stressful one. Contact our moving specialists at Gallo Moving & Storage and we will answer any of your questions and help you plan your moving day anxiety free.


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