Essentially, home stagers are interior decorators whose job is to plan and choose the best furniture, color and fabrics that will work best to make your home look appealing. Unlike traditional interior designers who are trying to reflect the way the home looks to appeal to the homeowner, a stager must design the home so it may best appeal to a wider range of audience. Here is a list of steps that a home stager might take to make your home look it’s very best.

Report — From top to bottom, a home stager will provide a written report of what should be done to get the home ready to sell. Review the report and make a decision based on the recommendations and cost to effectively prepare your home.

Strengths and Weaknesses — Identify your home’s strengths and weaknesses and find ways to highlight the strengths and adjust the weaknesses. This may be removing specific curtains to highlight the view or size of the windows, or replacing a larger bed with a twin size bed or a crib to make a smaller room seem bigger.

Moving Furniture — Make a decision as to which pieces of furniture should stay and which pieces of furniture should be placed into storage. Much of your furniture will be moved for the purpose of decluttering the house and make it seem less personable.

Recommended Repairs — The home stager should be able to provide recommendations to contractors, repair specialists, or landscapers to make the needed repairs to your home that can lead to a sale.

Selected Furniture — Many home stagers will have a warehouse of carpets, furniture, artwork, and plants that can be used to decorate your home. These items are carefully selected to attract people to visualize themselves living in your home.

Last Minute Adjustments — Home stagers might use candles, food, or air fresheners to mimic the feeling of a lived-in home. This last minute adjustment should be made when people are looking at your home.

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