It’s the end of a milestone and time to venture on a new journey. You’ve earned your degree, and it’s now time to move off the dorm. The transition can either be a stressful one or smooth sailing.

This will rest largely on how well you plan for move-out day, including the things you planned for prior to moving day. Here are some useful tips that can help to make moving out of the dorm an easy process for both parents and student.


  1. Separate Items

Have your college graduate separate their belongings, creating three piles- one for the items that will be kept, items that will be returned to the university and those that will be thrown out. This will make packing easier and help to create a level of organization that will make the process less cumbersome.


  1. Discard and Return

Ask your graduate to discard items belonging to the trash pile before you arrive. This includes old papers, perishables in the refrigerator, bottles, and cans, along with any other trash in their dorm rooms. Also, return university items, like library books, sporting equipment, and uniforms.


  1. Donate Items

If there are some items that you don’t want to keep but do not want to throw away consider donating them. You may find that your campus has a program for “donation drop offs”, or a “take it or leave it” section, where your trash can be another man’s treasure and vice versa. You can donate gently used items-anything to make the load lighter.


  1. Start Packing Prior to Finals

It’s smart to set aside time for packing before taking final exams. You don’t want your last school week to be stressful, and packing ahead can give you more time to study for final exams and graduation. Begin with packing clothes first. By the final week of school, you won’t need to scramble to complete packing before the dorm move-out date.  

  1. Get an Early Start on Moving Day

There’s a good chance that other graduates and students are moving the same day that you are. To avoid the crowd, arrange with your graduate to start the move early. Label your boxes according to the items stored inside. Keep in mind that garbage bags make for convenient storage containers, especially for clothes. Starting out early gives you time to sweep the room, do a final check and say your goodbyes.


Making the move out of the dorm after graduation doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right amount of planning, smart practices, and know-how, the transition can be a breeze. Gallo Moving & Storage is an expert on how to minimize stress, and help you get the most out of your move. You can contact us online or download our iOS and Android app that helps you get an estimate and book your move in minutes!

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