Moving is stressful no matter how much time you have to prepare, but a last-minute move is more stressful than you can imagine. Your mind will be racing with a never-ending list of things to do and how little time you have to do them, but it is possible. Follow these tips to survive your last-minute move and remember, once you make it through this move, any regular move in the future will be a breeze!

Take a Breath

Stressing about everything you have to do isn’t going to actually help get it done any faster, so take a second to calm down and think rationally. Last minute moves aren’t a one-person job so it’s time to ask for help. Invite a friend or family member to come to help you if you can. Take some time to start researching a moving company. While you might typically rent a truck and pack and move all on your own, that’s not realistic with a last-minute move. You should look for a full service moving company that offers packing help, moving, and storage. A reputable company with great reviews online is the way to go!

Sort It Out

Once you’ve hired your moving company, it’s time to do some organizing and packing yourself until they arrive. You should begin by focusing on what you don’t want to keep. Separate those items in to donate and trash piles so they’re easier to clean-up later. Moving is the time to downsize so be realistic and only keep what you absolutely love and use regularly.

Pack a Moving Bag

Many people forget to pack themselves a moving bag, especially during a last-minute move. A moving bag should consist of the daily items you need easy access to until you have time to unpack at the new location. Your clothes, toothbrush, shower items, and things of that sort should go into a bag that will be packed with you, not with the rest of your items.

Utilize the Help You Hired

Pack as much as you can before the moving company arrives if you want to save time and money, but you likely won’t get it all done. You hired a full service moving company for a reason, now’s the time to utilize that! Once the movers arrive they’ll begin packing the remaining items with their team and you’ll be surprised how quickly it all gets done. So, there’s no need to stress yourself out the night before the move expecting to get it all done yourself.

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