Whether it’s across the country or down the street, moving can be expensive; which is why it’s important to use every opportunity possible to save money. Knowing how much you’ll need to spend and where you can save can help keep costs down. Here at Gallo Moving & Storage, we have put together a list of our favorite ways to save money on your next move!

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1. Pack everything yourself.

2. Using clothing, towels and bed-sheets to wrap up your fragile items instead of buying bubble wrap.

3. Look for free moving boxes in stores or on craigslist.

4. Consider shutting down your utility services early so you are not paying for an entire month when you’ll only be in your old home for a few more days.

5. Take apart furniture yourself before the movers arrive.

6. Move boxes to the garage so movers can easily access them, creating a shorter time frame that you’ll need to hire movers.

7. Label boxes so the movers can place them in the correct rooms and make the move go quickly.

8. Move during off peak times of the year, such as in the winter, in the middle of the week, or the middle of the month to get the cheapest moving price.

9. Keep a record of home improvement costs, realtor fees, etc. These can save a lot of money when it comes tax season.

10. Shop at the dollar store for cleaning supplies for move-in day cleaning.

11. Donate unneeded items and claim a tax deduction, especially children’s toys that they no longer play with!

12. Have a yard sale to make a little cash and save on moving unnecessary items.

13. Ignore the “I might need it someday” syndrome, chances are you’ll pay to move it and then never use it.

14. Be sure to ask about any extra fees the moving company may charge.

15. Apply for a tax rebate on your moving expenses.

16. Cancel or change the address for any subscriptions that you may have sent to your home.

17. Depending on how far you are moving, cancel any membership fees from gyms, clubs, etc.

18. Notify any credit cards companies or banks that you are moving so they won’t shut off your card or hit you with any fees.


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