Moving is a stressful time, but throw a couple of screaming kids in the mix and it’s a downright nightmare. When trying to move with little ones it seems that your attention is always divided. Use these 3 tips to move with children with ease!

moving with children

1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

If someone offers to help with the children during your move, LET THEM. While you may think you can handle getting the kids AND all of the house packed up and moved, there’s no shame in asking friends and family members for help. Let them sleep over a friends house the night before and spend the day there, that way they will be preoccupied and give you time to organize their bedroom before they come home.

2. Give Your Kids a Task

Letting your children be a part of the moving process will give them a sense of control. It makes the move less scary if you inform them on what is happening and why you are packing everything up. Let them pack their favorite toys, books and stuffed animals in a bag themselves, that way they know where they are at all times during the move.

3. Make the Most of the Time While Your Kids are Sleeping

Wait for them to go to sleep at night to pack up their belongings. Children tend to have the urge to take toys out and play with them when they see you putting them in boxes. After sorting through endless amounts of dolls, cars, puzzles, and books, remove the ones you intend on donating out of their site in order to avoid meltdowns. Children usually do not react very well to giving away their toys (even if they don’t remember they had them in the first place).

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