When it comes to moving, there are many ways to make sure your day is productive and smooth. Here are 10 things that will make moving day easier for everyone involved.

moving boxes


Let the movers do their job

You’ve hired a full-service moving company for a reason, so YOU don’t have to move your items. The movers are trained professionals who have moved many boxes, couches and fragile items before. By letting them do it themselves, you’ll feel less stressed and they’ll get the job done a lot faster.


Inform neighbors about the move

You don’t want to bid farewell to your neighbors on a bad note. Let them know the day and time that the movers will be at your house so they can plan accordingly.


Carry cash, expensive jewelry, and prescription medications yourself

Movers do not typically like to be in charge of your valuables such as cash or jewelry. Not to mention, moving day can get very hectic and you’ll want to know exactly where your valuables are at all times.


Label boxes with their intended destination

Labeling each box with their intended destination can help keep the flow going on moving day. This will help movers know exactly where everything has to go without constant asking.


Label fragile boxes and items

If something requires gentle handling, be sure to let the movers know! They don’t know what is in each and every box, so be sure they know ahead of time what needs to be handled carefully.


Make sure the movers have easy, hassle-free access

Be sure you have an out of the way spot for your movers to park their truck and let them know the best place to access your apartment or home. The best way to manage all of this is to be home on the day of the move, and have a friend or relative at your new home (if it’s not a far move) who knows exactly which room everything is going in, in the new house.


Don’t pack all heavy items in one box

It seems like it would make sense to pack things together that are stored together, but not necessarily. Packing your entire book case into one box just means that you are going to have an extremely heavy box to move. Not to mention it could burst, spilling books out everywhere. Make it easier for both you and your moving team by keeping all boxes packed at a weight that can be handled by one person.


Empty all drawers of desks and dressers

Not only do full drawers make items heavier for the movers to carry, but they can also pose a danger. The drawers could fall out while being moved, and items could go flying everywhere.


Don’t disappear on your movers

While it is easier for you to stay out of the way while movers do their job, they may have a few questions to ask during the move. Stay around your property so they can easily find you if they should have any questions.


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